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We at Intertech Architectural Interiors, Inc. are pleased to submit our qualifications for Architectural Design Services. We want to first introduce you to our firm, various projects that we have successfully completed, and then feature our key staff’s qualifications.

We view ourselves as team members, assimilating information to a team of individuals with general and specific skills, to benefit each particular project. Your project demands space planning, interior design finish details, construction documentation, engineering coordination, and administration. At Intertech our staff is a very integral part of our success. We are proposing a team of individuals that have worked together on our other similar projects.

Remaining constant throughout the project will be the interaction between you our Client, the Contractors, Vendors and the Intertech Staff. We will coordinate all aspects of the planning and design process. Intertech will present documentation, discuss, and ultimately obtain approval from local building officials. In order to succeed, the project requires experience in three disciplines – Design, Management and Construction.


Intertech Architectural Interiors, Inc. is a dynamic Architectural firm in the heart of the Sonoran Desert. The firm was founded in Tucson, Arizona by Wayne Swan, AIA in 1987. We are comprised of a team of Architects, Interior Designers and Support Staff that work together toward a single goal: Total Client Satisfaction.

Intertech has built a distinguished reputation as a premiere provider of Commercial and Residential Architectural Design, Interior Design and Facilities Planning. We believe the design process must be managed by competent, confident, individuals who work with the client/owner to achieve a creative design, workable plan and a finished space, of which, our client is proud. Our reputation is built on a foundation of abilities complimented by the knowledge and experience necessary to bring value to our clients. At Intertech, we strive to maintain trust from our clients: trust that results from personalized attention and service. We believe that the client does not just come first, but is the reason for everything we do.


Intertech has a staff of 7 ready to serve your needs. The bulk of our workload consists of continuing services for managed properties. We have extensive experience with short duration projects. Intertech has a history of completing projects on time. We will involve our Clients in all critical schedule discussions. The average project’s duration in our office is less than three months. We are prepared to integrate your needs into the scheduling of services. Intertech’s management style and staffing procedures permits a rapid response to our Clients needs.


Intertech is insured to the following limits: Professional Liability – $50,000 per job on all jobs. The limits are extended to $1,000,000 based upon Client requirements and excess limits permissions. General Liability – $1,000,000 Auto Liability – $300,000 Workman Compensation – Statutory


Process – Intertech is quality oriented. We work with checklists and standards to verify each project is reviewed for content and coordination. Revisions in the work need to be cross coordinated and be incorporated into the design and documentation.

Pre-design conferences are held with the clients and regulatory agencies like Zoning, Flood District, Water and Sewer to verify basic requirements.

Building Code checks are completed at the end of the design phase and the construction documents phase to verify building design perimeters.

At each phase the comments are analyzed and revisions are made to keep the project moving forward on budget.


A key element for a successful design is the ability to be completed within the owner’s budgets. The design team at Intertech has a record of being within five percent of the owner’s budgeted numbers, therefore, hitting the desired goal frequently.

There are a number of tools we use to present the owner with options to meet their budget. The options include design alternatives and bidding alternatives to incorporate into their project. Value engineering, cost savings, cost reduction and energy conservation are integral to the design process. The owner’s budgets are confirmed during the design phase and reconfirmed during the construction document development.

The design team fully understands the implications of designing over the budget. Therefore, the budgets are measured throughout the design and documentation process.

The projected costs are accomplished at all levels of design and documentation. The preliminary or schematic costs are done from scopes of work and preliminary design studies. These are usually done with systems costs and square footage costs.

The next level of costs is developed from a more detailed design and documentation. The detail is developed from the components of the design and from industry costs for the respective installations. The projected costs developed by the design teams at Intertech have provided clients the ability to assess the viability of their projects.

Costing information helps the respective players on a given project to make informed decisions concerning design compliance, affordability, and viability. The issues of concern are easily identified for discussion.


Project Schedules are important to us at Intertech. We strive to organize the tasks within the project as succinct as possible to achieve the best result within the shortest time frame. Decision making and milestone dates are important to keep projects moving forward. We use a personal approach when expediting projects through the regulatory approval process. When schedules change we will also meet with responsible individuals to increase communication and revise the schedule on an as needed basis.


Intertech is not contracted by a furniture manufacturer or product distributor. We also do not hold any financial interest in any such company. Furthermore, none of our employees have any contracts or financial interests with furniture manufacturers or distributors.

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