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Airport Hotel 01
Airport Hotel 01


New Construction | Astana, Kazakhstan

This exciting five story full service hotel is located next to the Astana International Airport in Kazakhstan. It is affiliated with the Best Western International, the world’s largest hotel chain. The hotel served as the first BWI property in Kazakhstan. It accommodates 116 rooms. Some of the amenities include a bar, restaurant, breakfast area, and fitness center on the first floor. The second floor houses a conference hall and meeting rooms for the business traveler. The top is crowned by a sky bar/restaurant overlooking the airport and cityscapes, and is accessible for the executive suites.

Many of the details in the design were inspired by the Kazakh culture and it’s symbolism, as well as the rapidly growing Astana skyline. The hotel shares the site with a catering facility for the Lufthansa LSG Sky Chefs. The intent was to integrate the two buildings not only with each other, but with the site and to compliment the contemporary design of the airport.

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