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Saffron Restaurant 05
Saffron Restaurant 05
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Saffron Restaurant 05Saffron Restaurant 04Saffron Restaurant 02Saffron Restaurant 03Saffron Restaurant 01


Renovation | Tucson, Arizona

The focus for the interior of this 3,123 square foot bistro was to combine ethnic recipes with a contemporary and lively atmosphere, which could transform from an airy and delightful daytime feel to a warmer, more intimate setting at night. One of the challenges was to separate the lunch buffet function from the more upscale dinner crowd. The dilemma was solved by using a colorful light fabric panel arrangement dividing the buffet and dining room. A variety of materials and textures, as well as rhythm derived from the reoccurring elements, create interest in the space. A bold, but simple color scheme of cream and various shades of saffron infused by the multiple lighting elements radiate warmth and invite patrons to linger and enjoy great food and company.

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