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New Construction | Tucson, Arizona

Pyramid Credit Union was established for postal employees in 1925. They have since expanded their field of membership. The credit union staff is entirely dedicated to the welfare of their members in a professional and family-style environment. Pyramid Credit Union introduced its newest office in the rapidly growing eastern area of Tucson. This 4,714 square foot building was constructed on the southwest corner of Rita and Houghton Roads. Intertech developed the project in total, including the development of the land, the exterior and interior building plan, and custom interior design.

Intertech used an “inside-out” approach in designing the credit union. We met with the employees numerous times to gain a complete understanding of their needs. We worked with vault and teller station equipment suppliers to ensure their products met the end user requirements. The design included a children’s area and a welcoming, comfortable lounge area for members. This was a critical portion of Pyramid’s philosophy. Every aspect of the design incorporates the needs of their membership.

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